Online reading for the people of Iran and Kurdistan

12 februari 2023, kl: 14:00
Sänds via: Bröd & Rosors Facebooksida

Arr: Bröd & Rosor

Welcome to join a reading to support the freedom of speech in Iran, live in Gothenburg or online!

This reading will stream live on this event page and The Facebook page of Bröd & Rosor. You can also join us in person in Gothenburg, Göteborgs Litteraturhus, Lagerhuset, Heurlins plats 1b.

If you’d like to contribute with a reading or showing of something (everything is welcome) please feel free to contact Bröd & Rosor via our facebookpage.

The event will be held in Swedish and English – readings in Farsi and Kurdish are more than welcome.


In tribute to those who’s cries echo on the streets of Iran, the Kurdish, the Baloch, the Turkish, the Lor, the brave freedom fighters, the women, the workers, the queer.

For those who have no tribune but the streets.
In tribute to those who sacrifice their bodies, facing the bullets of the dictatorship.
The imprisoned, raped, tortured, and beaten.
In tribute to those who lost their loved ones to the streets and the violence of the dictatorship.
In tribute to those who shouts fearlessly, those who plant the seeds of bravery on the streets and the youth who water them with their blood so there can be hope of a liberated future.

As we can’t stand by your side, we can only spread your stories. Make sure that their attempt to silence you fails.
We follow every step you take, gasping for words; we sign petitions trying to close the gap in distance
We have only one duty before us, and that is to be the voice of everybody who have nothing to lose but the oppression
you have endured under this regime.

We are obliged now to turn our pain into words and our suffering into ideas and creativity so that we stand beside you.
We are the xxxx of bread and roses, and we do what we can, we write. We demand that the politicians of the world do what they can.

Join this digital reading.