Filosofiska föreningen: Time and responsibility

15 februari 2024, kl: 19:00

Arr: Filoprax

Välkoman till  årets första upplaga av filosofiska föreningens program! Vi har bjudit in Mohammad Hadi Fazeli, doktorand på institutionen för filosofi, lingvistik och vetenskapsteori vid Göteborgs universitet. Temat för kvällen är time and responsibility.

Efter föreläsningen blir det samkväm på närliggande pub/bar.

We often blame people for their wrongdoings at the moment they commit them. As time passes, however, people evolve: some condemn their past wrongdoings, others offer apologies ad restitution, and still others, may experience profound guilt and remorse. The question then arises: Should we continue to blame people when they have sincerely changed, made amends, and expressed guilt for their past actions?

In this talk, I explore two predominant perspectives on blame over time: one that upholds the permanent fittingness of blame, and another that contends the fittingness of blame diminishes over time. I scrutinize both positions, presenting challenges to each and endeavouring to address whether past wrongs warrant ongoing blame when people have earnestly sought to rectify them. The stance that I advocate in the end recognizes the dynamicity and diversity inherent in our approaches to blame through the lens of time.

After the talk you are welcome to continue the discussion and join us at a nearby pub.

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