Introduction to Philosophical Practice

29 april 2023, kl: 09:00

Arr: Mathias Tistelgren & Anna Touati

Welcome to an introduction to Philosophical Practice!


Part 1 – The Philosophical Practice (9:00–12:00)

What is philosophical practice? How is it different from academic philosophy? Attitudes which facilitate philosophising: presence, availability, listening, playfulness, flexibility, etc. We will discuss these issues and more, and let you participate in a workshop.

Part 2 – The Philosophical Consultation (13:00–16:00)

What is a philosophical consultation? How does it differ from therapy? What about the ethical dimension of having personal conversations with a stranger? We will discuss these questions, give a demonstration of a consultation and provide some tools and techniques which facilitate such a conversation.


Anna Touati is a philosophical practitioner trained by the Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques and is working at the “Maison de la Philo” (Paris) where she initiates children and teenagers into philosophical dialogue. 

Mathias Tistelgren teaches philosophy in high school and is a philosophical practitioner trained by the Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques. He is a member of Svenska Sällskapet för Filosofisk Praxis. 


Participants are welcome to join for the whole day, or choose to join only for part 1 or part 2.

Ticket fee is 100 SEK – cash or Swish.
Free admission for members of SSFP. To register for membership, visit the SSFP homepage.

The seminar is held in English.

For questions or more information, email to 



The cover picture is a part from Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting The Shelton with Sunspots, N.Y. (1926)