Merci Poesi - Internationell Poesifestival

30 april 2017

Arr: Marci poesi

Välkommen på Merci poesi, en internationell poesifesival som äger rum för 12:e året i rad,  denna gång på i tre dagar på tre platser. Se hela programmet här:

Fredagen den 28:a april kl: 18.00 på Göteborgs Stadsbibliotek
Lördagen den 29:e april kl: 18.00 på Världskulturmuseet i Göteborg
Söndag den 30:e april kl 16.00 på Göteborgs Litteraturhus.


Medverkande: Fredag 28/4 Göteborgs Stadsbibliotek

Pär Thörn
Karin Brygger
Louise Halvardsson
Khashayar Naderehvandi
Masoud Jahhed
Mahshid Bjurman Sharifian
Emma Backéus och Anna musikensemble
– med flera


Lördag 29/4 Världskulturmuseet

Marie Lundquist
Pär Hansson
Kennet Klemets
Mehdi Faraji
Aida Amidi
Karavan musikensemble
Moma Daf musikensemble
Maja Gödicke
Farshad Haghighi
– med flera


Sunday 30/4 at 4-8 PM, Göteborgs Litteraturhus

Workshop with concert and poetry readings in Persian with Mohsen Taherzadeh, Maryam Hatef, Mehdi Farji Aida amidi Shabnam Azar.

Presentation Maryam Hatef

Maryam Hatef (born Aguest 1983) is an Iranian musician. She became interested in music, when she was young. So she started learning Daf with Mohsen Taherzadeh. Maryam has performed many concerts as a soloist and with German and Iranian ensembles, including “Merasim Percussion Trios”, “KLang Welten” , “Abroun”, “Nasout” and “Kamand” …. Also, she has performed in different countries like Iran, Croatia, Turkmenistan, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey, Slovenia, Russia, Bulgaria, Netherland, Ireland, France, Oman, South Korea, Austria and Georgia and etc. Furthermore, she has participated in the several international festivals and tours around the world such as the Penang World Music Festival and the Melaka Unesco World Heritage Music Festival in Malaysia, the Same Same But Different in South Korea, the Ruhr Nights Festival in Germany, and it’s about ten years that Maryam participated in the Tamburi Mundi Festival in Germany. Moreover, Maryam has had experience in teaching at different institutes of music in Esfahan and Tehran. Also she can play other musical instruments including, ”, “Percussion”, “Cajon” …. During her musical activities she has recorded different records, such as “Merasim”, “klang welten” and “The Same Same But Different” passions.