That's how the Swedish job market works!

04 maj 2017

Arr: Frilansklubben Väst

Newly arrived to Sweden? Journalist or photographer? Just interested in these topics? Welcome to an open seminar and mingle on how the Swedish job market works!

4th of May 6-8 PM


Welcome to come and listen and learn from journalists and a photographer, all with different backgrounds, about their experiences from working in Sweden. The lecture is held in english.

Former researcher ”Uppdrag Granskning”. Now freelance journalist. Has previously worked in Syria, Egypt and Turkey.

German born photographer working for GT/Expressen. Winner of several awards, amongst other for pictures from a refugeecamp in France.

Journalist, previously working in Syria and founder of a network for immigrated journalists in Sweden.

Sandwiches and beverages will be served.
If you need an interpreter, please let us know via mail before the 25th April.


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Organized by: Frilans Väst, Swedish Labour Union for Journalists, with support from Western Region of Sweden.
Partners: Kultur i Väst, Projekt Kontur