Pen Afghanistan, Open Afghanistan

29 september 2023, kl: 17:00

Arr: Pen Afghanistan, Svenska, Danska och Norska Pen

A program to promote the translation of Swedish literature into Afghan languages (and vice versa) and Intercultural dialogue, introducing Afghan and Swedish literature, and also discussing the role of writers in the field of human rights promotion/ protection (with a focus on women’s rights and freedom of expression) in Afghanistan. In this program, Richard Bennett, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights (for Afghanistan) will also answer questions about the human rights situation in Afghanistan

Speech and dialogue:
Richard Bennett
Suhab Sirat
Mukhtar Wafayee

Nilofar Langar
Farangis Sawgand

Reading short stories and poems:
Azizullah Nehefta
Marit Kapla
Hadi Miraan

Salam Jawed