Spittoon Gothenburg Vol. 9!

26 september 2019

Arr: Spittoon

🙌Dearest doggie dogs and kittie cats,

❤️We are back! After our summer hiatus, we bring back the open mic night (book now, just a couple more slots available) along with two more events this month: Angereds bokmässa, and the long-anticipated Scener & Samtal extravaganza that we’ve prepared with some of the most daring voices in the country.


Spittoon Proudly presents three special guests from Johannesburg, South Africa:

Emma Mabye
Masai Sepuru
Raphael D’Abdon

Boom! See you next week 😺

🔥🎤Spittoon features our local and international literary badassery through poetry and fiction. It’s a super welcoming environment, with a lovely crowd eager to give you minute-long standing ovations while throwing their underwear at you as they chant your name in all caps.

With that said, we reserve our right to keep this a safe space for everyone. Any form of discrimination or harassment won’t be tolerated either on or off our stage.

See you on Thursday, 26th warmly welcome!