Spittoon vol. 3

26 oktober 2018

Arr: Spittoon

Spittoon Volume 3 is ready to lock and load and rock and roll and hip and hop and ying and yang you upside down with a premium brew of pure-breed badassery. Poetry, fiction, and a HOLY-MOLLY-SAY-WHAT kind of surprise you really don’t want to miss. The line up is coming up super extra special this time.

With that said -as usual- we have a couple of spots still available for grabs. Just say the word, leave us a message and the stage is absolutely yours!

Super welcoming environment with a lovely crowd prone to give you minute-long standing ovations while throwing their underwear and chanting your name.

See you on Friday the 26th, 18.00 – 20.30!

*****Drinks, snacks and FREE ENTRANCE*****