Supramarkt – releaseparty

14 juni 2015

Arr: Nätverkstan, Irene Publishing, bbm, Resistance Studies

A new book for those who are angry and want to act!

At 2–4 pm

Presentation, snacks, and discussions led by Stellan Vinthagen, Professor of Resistance Studies at UMass Amherst.

Get a copy for free and have fun reading it!


The book consists of:

Foreword Jørgen Johansen: Constructive Resistance

I – How sick is our social defence system

Jason W Moore: Putting nature to work – Cheap food, cheap nature and the capitalocene

John McMurtry: Cancer stage of capitalism

Stefan Heidenreich: Revolution and Administration

Jørgen Johansen: Structural violence

II – In the belly of the beast – mapping the damage

Sam Gindin: Unmaking Global Capitalism

Heidrun Friese: Border Economies

Noam Chomsky: Corporatisation of the University

Steve Wright: Corporate Military Management approaches to Climate Change: From Refuge to Exclusion

III – Thought crimes

Isabelle Stengers: re Capitalist Sorcery

Wolfgang Pircher: Dollar Wars

Brett Scott: Anthropology of derivatives

Ole Bjerg: The Holy Trinity of Debt, Money and Market

Ned Rossiter & Soenke Zehle: The Mediations of Labour: Data Politics of the Techno-government

IV – Platform for change

Majken Jul Sørensen: The Ethics and Effects of Humour in Political Activism

Nikos Anastasopoulos: Ecocommunities and the commons

Pierre Guillet de Monthoux: Managing by giggles. On gentle aesthetic resistance of Professor Simmel and Monsieur Hulot

Micha Cardenas: Science of the oppressed

Andreas Karitzis: On developing alternatives to EU neo liberalism and austerity austerity, the commons

V – How to fix it yourself

John Jordan: Geographies of Hope


Jørgen Johansen: Sending the protest message.


Organized by Nätverkstan, bbm, Irene Publishing and Resistance Studies